updated on june 26, 2009
photo-based images

2009, Girl In Blue
photograph to cartoon style paint (photoshop)

2008, 1978 Band A4 Poster
damaged photograph restoration (photoshop)

updated on june 4, 2011
pixel graphics

2011, Voodoo Whispeprer
quick hi-res render corrections - left to right (photoshop)

2009, The Mirror Mysteries
quick low-res render corrections - left to right (photoshop)

2007, Mushroom Adventure
panoramic game screen (photoshop)

2007, Harbinger Remake
2d iso graphics - tiles (photoshop)

2004, Bastion
game menu screen (photoshop)

updated on december 11, 2011
vector illustration

2011, Chrysler 300C New Yorker Poster
low-res 1960 poster scan recreation for hi-res print (illustrator)

2005, Millenium Train Anniversary Poster

2004, Hand-traced Autoportrait Poster


Photo-Based Images includes style Recreations or Restorations of old or damaged images etc.

Pixel Graphics includes Game Screens or Tiles made with Photoshop etc.

Vector Illustration includes Posters made with Illustrator etc.


Bastion on Grafika.cz is a step by step Photoshop tutorial on how to create a full screen illustration from a scratch. This time it's about a main menu screen for a game and the article was posted on August 23, 2006 in Czech.